FDS Sydney’s Professional Installation, Maintenance and Monitoring Services

Thousands of people within Australia continue to live on or near potential flood hotspots and, aside from where these people live, there are a number of other situations that can occur at home that lead to localised floods. For example, a faulty washing machine can cause internalised floods, with homeowners blissfully unaware as they go about their normal activities.

It is with that in mind that FDS Sydney has specifically developed a range of flood detection solutions that can be employed both in and outdoors; a dependable, long-lasting and highly accurate early flood warning system.

Whether you’d like to have your sensors installed inside and/or outside, FDS Sydney can work with you to analyse the site in question and find the most appropriate installation points to give the most accurate flood readings. Furthermore, with our vast knowledge on private security systems, we can go about integrating your new flood sensors with your existing alarm system. Once the two systems are synchronised, the presence of any rising waters in the area will sound your home’s alarm, just as an intruder or fire would. FDS Sydney can also program your alarm’s keypad to sound a different alarm, specific to floods, if you wish.

FDS Sydney’s Domestic Flood Detection Services include:

  • Site analysis to pinpoint the most suitable locations for sensor placement
  • Fast and efficient integration with any existing home alarm systems
  • Professional, clean and dependable sensor installations
  • Once-off, monthly, bi-annual and annual maintenance services, as required.
  • 24/7 emergency repair services
  • Battery repair and replacement services

FDS Sydney has developed our service packages to be as accessible as possible to the general public, with prices starting from as little as just $190.00+GST. With a once-off installation and monthly monitoring service package, clients can rest assured that they will be kept up-to-date of any impending dangers relating to floods, thereby giving each the means to benefit from additional evacuation time and less potential for catastrophic loss.

Get in touch with FDS Sydney today by calling 1300 009 383 and arrange a booking to have us install, maintain or monitor your new flood detection systems. If you prefer, you can reach us online by clicking here. One of our qualified technicians will be sure to assist you wherever possible and go on to provide you with the information you need to best understand the most appropriate flood detection solution for you.