Flood Detection Solutions for the Domestic, Corporate and Government Sectors

Hundreds of thousands of people in Australia, and their respective businesses, are at risk of floods. Gaining any advantage in being able to anticipate an incoming flood is crucial to preserving their safety. Therefore, FDS Sydney has strived to create the perfect solution for any domestic, commercial or government client. Along with our industrial-grade equipment, we couple each installation, maintenance or monitoring service with the highest levels of expertise possible, thereby working to provide our clients with the utmost peace of mind.

Being made aware of imminent floods gives rise to a number of important benefits, namely; a reduced risk of flood-related injuries; deaths; illnesses and; personal losses. Additionally, by having FDS’ flood detection solutions installed, customers can enjoy lower insurance premiums when residing on or near potential flood hotspots and, in the event that a flood does strike, clients with fully functional flood detection systems are more likely to make successful claims.

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Unfortunately, most people around the world still rely heavily on meteorological data to determine the onset of impending floods. While this may be helpful in terms of alerting the population of the risks of an imminent flood, meteorological data is notoriously inaccurate. Many times when warnings are issued, floods and/or heavy weather simply changes direction and, in other cases where these weather systems are seen to be moving off, they can swing back and catch people off guard. FDS’ flood sensors are designed to work on the physical presence of rising water, thereby making for some of the most accurate early flood warnings available today.

FDS Sydney’s flood detection solutions have been designed to work in both outdoor and indoor settings. Whether you fear that your basement will experience a flood as a result of a malfunctioning washing machine, or you’re interested in being made aware of flash floods coming in from outside, Flood Detection Systems Sydney as the perfect solution. Please click here if you’d like to explore some of our most frequently asked questions.

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