Professional, Long-Lasting and Reliable Flood Detection Solutions for Flood-Effected Populations Across Australia

FDS Sydney is proud to offer State and Federal Government bodies across Australia with the expertise, tools and equipment necessary to help them overcome the dangers associated with impending floods. In turn, the protection our units offer will assist in having people evacuated quickly and efficiently.

FDS Sydney’s Professional Flood Detection Systems have been developed to offer the following:

  • Provide communities with enough time to evacuate quickly and safely
  • Minimise the potential spread of waterborne diseases
  • Reduce the chances of people becoming stranded
  • Provide ample time to delegate any suitable emergency services
  • Minimise the associated costs of repair and recovery following a flood event
  • Drastically reduce the likelihood of floods causing injuries or even death

FDS Sydney’s Government-specific Services:

  • Fast and efficient installation services over large, medium or small areas of land
  • Regular maintenance services, scheduled either weekly, monthly, bi-annually or even annually.
  • Flood Sensor and Wireless Transmitter battery replacements and servicing
  • Timely upgrades to equipment and components
  • Vandal-specific restorations and repairs
  • Effective integration with any existing security systems that buildings or protected areas already have installed.

FDS Sydney’s primary aim is to increase the overall safety of any population vulnerable to floods. As such, we have developed a number of Government-specific services, along with designing and implementing some of the most advanced flood detection equipment available to help address that concern. Today, most Governments and likened associations involved in safeguarding the interests of their communities tend to rely on meteorological data to determine the likelihood of an impending flood. However, time and time again we find that meteorological data simply provides a basis on which to build theories and hypotheses regarding potential storms and natural disasters. FDS Sydney’s flood detection systems rely only the physical presence of rising water, giving no false readings or any means for misinterpretation or underestimation of a potential weather hazard.

FDS Sydney is proud to offer some of the world’s leading flood detection solutions to the Australian government and, in so doing, helping it to protect those living and working within potential flood hotspots around the country.

Contact FDS Sydney today on 1300 009 383 to have us work with you in developing a unique solution to your flood-related concerns and, in so doing, FDS will provide you with the perfect means to provide vulnerable communities with the crucial time they need to plan for floods and evacuate safely when the time comes.

Alternatively, you can reach us online by clicking here. Once the enquiry form has been sent, one of our knowledgeable representatives will be more than happy to assist in answering any questions you may have and providing you with the information you need to address your concerns as effectively as possible.