FDS Sydney’s Expert Flood Detection Services for Commercial Clients

Businesses of all sizes across the more flood-prone areas of Australia suffer immense losses when the surging waters roll in. Whether it’s disruptions to trade, physical damage to computers and other office equipment, repairs to building structures or increases in insurance premiums after floods have struck, smaller organisations and those less protected can end up bankrupt at the hands of floods.

For clients working within or near potential flood plains, or areas otherwise prone to flooding, it’s important to understand just how damaging floods can be. By installing reliable, long-lasting and accurate flood detection equipment in or around your place of work, you can minimise the associated risks to you, your employees and your business. The additional time provided by our early warning systems will help you and your staff to evacuate quickly and safeguard the most important elements of your businesses before the waters strike.

Queensland’s major flood during the early months of 2011 cost Australia nearly 30% of it’s GDP that year, a testament to the immense power of flash floods and the damage they can cause. Don’t get caught out – protect yourself and those that count on you for safety by having FDS install a professional flood detection system in your office today.

FDS Sydney is proud to offer commercial clients across the whole of Australia the following services, and more:

  • On and off-site analysis for the most effective flood sensor placement
  • Professional, cost-effective and time efficient installation services
  • Professional system integration; connecting our flood sensors to your existing security systems
  • Scheduled maintenance and repair services on a monthly, bi-annual, annual or once-off basis
  • Battery and wireless transmission repairs, replacements and servicing
  • Accurate and timely flood monitoring services; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For more information regarding FDS Sydney’s services, or any other details listed on this site, please feel free to get in touch with us by calling 1300 009 383. If you find that you’re short on time, and you’d prefer to contact us online, please click here to use our enquiry form. However you contact us, rest assured that one of our trained, friendly and knowledgeable representatives will be available to assist you and provide the guidance you need.