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FDS Sydney are specialists in providing Australian communities, businesses, individuals and States, across the country, with industry-leading, long-lasting and highly dependable early warning flood detection solutions.

Floods incur some of the costliest damages to economic stability, infrastructure and people’s livelihoods compared to that of any other natural disaster. As an example, Queensland’s floods in the earlier months of 2011 resulted in over $2.38 billion worth of damage to property and saw 38 people lose their lives, with another 9 declared missing, presumed dead.

On average, floods cost Australia and its tax payers in excess of $377 million every year – a figure calculated by averaging the flood recovery expenditure between 1967 and 2005, although $377 million is likely to become inaccurate as time goes on, given the fact that population density, building technologies and the costs of maintaining city infrastructure continues to increase.

Flood Detection Systems Sydney aims to address New South Wales’ and the rest of Australia’s unrecognised need for an effective, reliable and durable flood detection solution. Having incorporated some of the world’s leading flood sensor technologies, coupled with long-range transmitters, long-life batteries and vandal and weather-proof housings, FDS Sydney can systematically install, maintain, repair and monitor all flood detection systems to ensure the utmost certainty in early flood detection.

FDS Sydney are experts in providing, installing and maintaining effective, early flood warning systems. Each of our solutions is available for delivery and integration for any Australian individual, business, state or regional governing body. Click here to explore our flood detection solutions and their respective benefits.

Fast Flood Facts:

  • Experts in the flood prevention and monitoring industries predict that the average cost of floods in Australia will quadruple by 2050.
  • More than 1.3 million homes in Australia are listed as having a high risk of flood damage.
  • Queensland’s floods in 2011 cost Australia more than $40 billion through damage to international and national commerce, communications and neighbouring properties.

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Integrating FDS Sydney’s highly effective flood detection systems in individual’s homes, offices and community areas is a sure-fire way to ensure the utmost safety of those at risk of potential floods. Each system has been developed to provide clients with the most dependable means of incoming flood prediction, thereby giving rise to crucial, additional evacuation time and a decrease in the overall costs that floods incur.

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An Unparalleled 8-years Battery Life

FDS Sydney has integrated world-leading battery technologies into our flood detection systems. Our industrial-grade lithium batteries have been tested to their limits, revealing that each boasts an impressive 8-year lifespan. These batteries have been specifically developed to give our clients that longest run-time of any flood sensor equipment available today.

If you find that your batteries are running low on power, or following the same findings by one of our qualified FDS technicians, we can arrange to have a replacement fitted on the same day. Clients can further minimise their risks of being caught off guard by empty batteries by having their flood detection systems inspected on a regular basis. We offer once-off, weekly, monthly, bi-annual and annual maintenance services to fit in with our clients’ busy schedules – to book a professional maintenance service, please give us a call on 1300 009 383 or click here to make an online enquiry.

Furthermore, if you live in a flood-prone area, or work in an industry that relies heavily on machinery that handles large volumes of water, you may find that your insurance provider requires that you have your flood detection systems inspected at least once a year for domestic customers and bi-annually for commercial clients. Please refer to your insurance policy or contact your provider for more information.

Should your flood detection systems fail due to a lack of regular maintenance, your insurance company may void your policy. To prevent this from happening, we highly recommend that you book a regular FDS service.

To arrange a booking or simply to ask us any questions, please call us today on 1300 009 383. Alternatively, if you’d like to reach us online, please click here to be directed to our contact page. There you will find a quick form to fill in, following which one of our knowledgeable representatives will set to work on arranging the services you need.